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You Have No Free-Time, Yet!

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I was having trouble today getting motivated to work on my “freedom projects”. It’s my Christmas vacation and I realized that I didn’t want to give-up any of my free-time to work on these projects. I often run into this dilemma on evenings and weekends too. My free time is so limited I hate to give it up to do Work. Even if the work is for myself and is going to benefit my future-self. I know our monkey minds dislike having to give anything up. We as humans cannot stand to lose things. We will work harder to not lose something, than to gain something. So as I thought on paper, I wrote to myself, that I think I am losing my free-time if I work on freedom projects during vacations, evenings and weekends. I realized this was coming from a trapped mindset. With time divided into free and un-free categories. And then I realized the truth, I have no free-time yet! Any free-time I think I may have in only an illusion. This is not free-time, this is a trick. For as long as I am employed to do work that keeps my heart in a cage, then I am not free. If you give a dog more slack on the leash is he free? Of course not. So work hard when you have slack on that leash, you are not losing your “free-time”, you don’t actually have any yet.

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