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Time Travel – One Year Ago

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So here you are. Let’s go back in time one year.

What were you doing one year ago. What month is it now? Think back to the same month last year.

How much have you changed since then? Did you stop any bad habits? How many times did you push yourself to the edge of your comfort zone and experience fear? How many hours of passive entertainment did you watch, and how many times did you shut it off intentionally? Did you meet any new people? Did you practice any new skills? How many times did you take a risk? How many times did you put your ego on the line? Did you create anything since then? Or make an event happen? A book, song, poem, drawing, invention, video, interview, blog post, meeting? Did you share it? Did you impact anyone?

How much of your free time did you waste? How many times did you chicken out? What are your regrets? If you could go back one year what would you do differently? Where could you be right now if you had done things just a little better? If you had taken a few more chances? If you had created more? Who would know you now? What opportunities could you have opened up? Who have you changed, and who has changed you?

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