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Time Travel – 20 Years Forward

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Imagine yourself 20 years in the future. I would be 53.

You wake up, get out of bed, go to the bathroom, and look at yourself in the mirror. That’s you, right now. How do you look. A little greyer, a little more wrinkled. Maybe less hair. How are you feeling this morning?

Let’s imagine the worst case scenario.

First, your alone, in some dirty messy apartment. Your feeling tired and unwell. You have to go to work, again, and do the thing you hate. The same thing which you have been doing your whole adult life! You are still living paycheck to paycheck and you have no savings, and no new skills.  What have you been doing the last 20 years? It feels like yesterday you were only 33 and things were ok. Now your kids are grown up, and your partner is gone. What went wrong? What did you do? What did you fail to do? Arrg, gotta go to work now…

Now, the Alternative, you wake up, and you’re not alone. Your living somewhere new. You look out your window and see a beautiful day. You are relaxed, there is no rush to go anywhere, or do anything. You know what your projects are and you know when you are going to do them. Your family loves you. You can afford to fly where you like. You location doesn’t really matter anymore, neither does money. You are still you, but now you know more. You have a wealth of rich experiences, and are comfortable in almost all situations. You feel that if you think it,  you can make it happen.

What happened? How did you get here. What did you do? Or what did you not do?

Imagine yourself in the first scenario and you are given a chance to go back in time. You are given a chance to go back 20 years to where you stand right now. What would you do differently? What would you change right now knowing about your two paths? Do you see clearly what is important and what is trivial? Do you see what is right and what is wrong? Do you see where your focus and effort must go?

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