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Paralysis By Analysis

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This is common problem I have. I will think about an issue or action over and over again. I will research, read books, articles, websites etc considering all the angles I can. Then the opportunity I was looking at will begin to expire.

I’m not going to ask why I do this and go down that rabbit hole, instead I am going to look for insight and ask why I shouldn’t be doing this. The answer came to me when I saw someone I know doing it.

I realized that there are two kinds of information out there. Dynamic information and Static information.

Static information is the stuff you find in books, articles, stories etc. It is from the past. There is a ton of value in this static information that will help your life in many, many ways. But for some people like me, this is all we focus on.

Then there is dynamic information. This is the stuff that is going on around you all of the time. It is the information that lies in the present moment. It is the stuff we fear. It exists in other people’s minds. It is the answer we get when we ask for something. It is the information we get when we try something.

For example questions like, “Will this person say yes if I ask them on a date?, Will anyone buy my product?” This information is not static, it is dynamic. You cannot read this in a book. The answer is not in the past, it is only in the present moment or the near future. Also, if you wait too long, the information can change, just as the present moment is constantly changing.

Paralysis By Analysis is our minds way of avoiding the present moment. It keeps our minds busy so we are feeling productive, or like we are moving forward. But in reality we are just computing static data. Eventually if we want to create some real change in our lives we have to face the present moment, get a reality check, and find out what is happening in the now. We have to extract dynamic information from the present moment and accept the reality of the information that is received from the present moment. This type of information is really valuable stuff. As long as we put our egos aside, remember our overall goal, and look to the present moment for the means to achieve that goal, we can begin to move forward.

Go get that Dynamic Information and Stay Present!

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