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Inside The Box

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You have put yourself into an imaginary box. A box of who you think you are. Of who you think other people want you to be or what your employer wants you to be. That’s the box you’ve put yourself into, and it’s uncomfortable. When you look at your Linkedin profile or resume, unless you have been really Authentic with yourself throughout your career, you will see this box clearly.

But what about who you really are? Oh, this part of you only comes out after hours. Your only allowed to show this part of youself when you are not at work. When you are doing your hobbies and other fun stuff. Then it’s okay. But when it’s time to go back to work, better hide this part of you.

I say bullshit!

I think it’s time to redraw the lines and change your box. Adjust it so that it shows who you really are. Maybe the right employer or partner will see this new, exciting, oddly shaped box and want to pick it up. Maybe this box is the perfect fit for their company.

There is too much opportunity out there to stay in a box, It’s time to be Authentic people!

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