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Fear Mindset vs Giving Mindset

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What is the fearful mindset?

The fearful mindset wants. It wants something desperately. It thinks only of taking. Of receiving. Of getting. It’s self-centered and small minded. It exalts others and belittles itself. It tries to talk you out of taking action, and is confident in it’s rationalizations of inaction. It protects the ego. It keeps you feeling comfortable. It fears pain if things don’t work out the way it idealizes. And that is the thought which freezes all action and stops all progress.

What is the giving mindset?

The giving mindset has forgotten about selfish desires. It knows what it has to offer. It knows that it is valuable. It knows that it can help. It focuses on giving, helping and creating. It thinks of life as an experiment. It tests and tries. It is full of curiosity. It is open to positive or negative feedback and is ready to change and adapt. It only cares about what works. It doesn’t take things personally. It knows that in 10 minutes, 10 months, or 10 years the offense is not going to matter. It knows that life is full of abundance and opportunity so it has no fear of loss or theft.


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