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What the Heck is Action Anyway?

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With all this talk of the benefits of Action, how do we know that we have taken Action?

I think we take Action every day and we don’t even think about it. So what does it mean to take Action as a way to improve your life?

One definition of Action I can think of is to create a change of some sort. This usually requires Action doesn’t it? Change can be physical or mental. Reading a book, calling a friend, even watching TV is taking some sort of action, and creating some kind of change. So why aren’t these actions valued over other actions. Why aren’t these life changing by themselves?

We want to create some kind of positive change. Negative change is atrophy (weakening), positive change is hypertrophy (growth). I think what is unsaid here is that we need to take some kind of actions that we fear. These are the limitations. These are the actions that we know we are doing. These don’t happen habitually, they take effort to execute. Sometimes we are still just picking up the phone to call someone, but the emotional dynamic in your mind is completely different and the effort is enormous. It is at these times we must remember that with great effort comes great growth.

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