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Think Differently and Create Change

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The only way to change your life is to do something differently

The only way to do something differently is to think differently


But How? Here are three ways to change your perspective



Change your focus from the black to the white, from the small to the large, from the extremes to the moderates. Whatever your habitual way of thinking is, change it to the opposite, or something in-between. If you are always thinking of getting, think about giving. If you are an engineer and always think rigidly, put your artist hat on and think abstractly. Try putting different “hats” on. Ask, what would an entrepreneur do? What would Richard Branson do? This is a form of lateral thinking. It means you have to find new ways of interpreting the situation. An exercise for this is to look at a photo from a newspapers, try and generate different possible scenarios for the photo. Another is to recall a bad memory or experience and see other possible interpretations and causes, the more the better, but aim for 10 minimum.

Ask Different Questions

We habitually ask the same questions in our mind. Try changing it up. Instead of asking what could go wrong? Ask, what could go Right? Instead of asking, what’s wrong with me, or what did I do wrong? Ask, What’s right with me, and what did I do right? Carefully form your questions to direct your focus. For Good Things focus on how more good will come from this good, and how this good will allow for more good things to happen. For example your savings account could generate interest income for you to life on, giving you free time, and the free time giving you more opportunity. Or your courses/groups can lead to meeting new people which leads to new opportunities and knowledge and more income and more freedom. For Bad things, focus on how temporary and unimportant they are. Will this matter in 10 minutes, 10 months, or 10 years?

The mind is able to generate answers to any question you derive. Seek and you shall find type of situation. Close your eyes, think of the color red, then open your eyes.

Try generating answers to these:

List 100 things that are Good about your life

List 100 things that are Good about you

List 100 things that you want to do before you are forced to leave this earth

List 100 opportunities that are available to you that will make your life better

Change your Statements

Don’t Say, I suck, or I’m okay, I wish I could…, I can’t…, I don’t have…, or I should…

Say, I could…, I will…, and I can…, I have…, I see…, I feel… This language allows your mind to open up and see possibilities. You first need to see the possibilities before you can take any action.

Use “I have” statements to force you to generate, realize and see what you have

I have money

I have good people in my life

I have opportunities

Use “I see” statements

I see good people

I see opportunities

I see abundance all around me

Use I “feel” statements

I feel love

I feel connection

I feel good and happy

Sometimes just saying Power Words from THE SWITCH will help you. For example, if you are tired, muster up some strength and Say ENERGY, VITALITY, LIVELINESS, again and again, like you have it! When you recall these words, the neural pathway to these images/thoughts and become stronger, and easier to recall in the future. Recall them often, the effort you feel is your brain changing.


With Reframing, Questions and Statements you can learn to Think Differently. You will begin to See Differently, Act Differently, and Be able to Create a Different Life for Yourself

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