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“What you settle for is what you get”
“It’s not who you know, but who knows you”
“bless that which you want”
“find uncomfortable situations”
“I was wiser when I was a child, as I was unconditioned by my surroundings”
“if it’s not going to kill you, do it anyways”
“you are not you mind, your mind is a survival mechanism, an over worried mother, learn to manage it”
“I will be paid in direct proportion to the value I deliver according to the marketplace”
“Marketing, Production, Operations”
“Systems are a repeatable process”
“how can this be done without me?”
“Money is important!”
“The more money you have, the more people you can help, the more you can help them”
“Start Thinking”
“Do something illogical”
“time can’t be managed, I only manage activities”
“I write it on a sheet and I do it”
“reinterpreted previous conclusions, experiences, interpretations, systems”
“do not judge yourself, live life with curiosity and exploration”
“diversity of experience of the five senses”
“Whenever you become anxious or stressed, outer purpose has taken over, and you lost sight of your inner purpose. You have forgotten that your state of consciousness is primary, all else secondary.”
Focus on this question “How am I going to get rich?”
“Never accepting the status quo, not accepting how they should be, but thinking how they could be”
“Work to learn, especially in your own business”
“Hire for the role, not for the task” (3 lists of freedom by Chris Ducker)
“Metaphoric thinking is the highest level of thinking”
“Trail Blazing”
Before a challenge ask…Instead of affirmations, “ask can I do this?” then actively answer the question, give reasons, use “because”
“Short term pain, long term gain”
“If you have the confidence, opportunities will come. Be patient”. Pranit Banthia
“Competence alone is not enough, you also need good timing of trends”.
“Entrepreneurs raise the standard of living in a country” – Doug Spence
“Nothing is permanent, the world is constantly changing, and each decision you make, consciously or unconsciously, will create a positive or negative change in your life” – Doug Spence
“Success by a nose will be remembered” Brian Tracy
“What one skill will have the greatest impact to your career and income, to achieve your business or financial goals” Magic wand
“Your weakest important skill sets the height of your income”
“Thinking is the most important thing you do at work”, quality of thinking =  quality of choices/decisions-actions-results.
“importance means big potential consequences”
“long term thinking is key to upward success”
“unique added value”
“clarity, competence, concentration, common sense, creativity (curiosity),
“people hate seeing someone lacking confidence, but love to be around confident people, be confident to be liked”
“the first person to do anything, was “doing the impossible””
“with each small success, my confidence grew, but it was not confidence in myself, it was confidence in the process of working hard and emulating success”. Michael Masterson
“go all-in!” Ben Congleton – Olark
Steve Blank: “You’re selling the vision and delivering the minimum feature set to visionaries not everyone”
Steve Blank: “You’re selling the vision and delivering the minimum feature set”
“Personal Growth is about subtraction, finding your true self”-Andy from Foundation.
“What feeling are you avoiding?”
“observation is more useful than thinking” Doug
“worst-is-better gets more done than better-is-better”
“bad ideas evolve into good ideas in ways you can’t anticipate”
“trust yourself that you will have other ideas, especially with new data incoming”
“you are the dumbest you will ever be right now, your only going to get smarter, postpone some decisions until after new data”
“fulfillment is feeling like you’re living out your capacity “ Tai Lopaz
“The first thing to stop you from achieving your goals is a negative emotion (fear) if you don’t allow yourself to experience it fully, (expect depression)” – Doug Spence
“when you open the contents of your mind to others, you open up to receive from them, so open up!” – Doug Spence
“the web is an ecosystem, it’s components grow, evolve, die, flourish” “Establish Roots, inject energy and labour, and you will get fruit”.
“Change boils down to three things, 1 listening, 2, Learning, 3, Adapting. Listen to your customers via the web” – the future of business
“make art not perfection” Seth Godin
“throw out great ideas casually in front of decision makers, as if they come to you all the time”
“when was the last time you left your comfort zone? How many times have you left it in the last five years? When you leave your comfort zone you are doing something new and creating real change in your life. If you are always looking to the future, and not reviewing the past, then you are not changing. You must review the past, see what is missing, see the mistakes so you can change yourself. Then do something outside of your comfort zone. If you are not leaving your comfort zone, you are doing the same things over and over and you cannot expect a different result. “ – Doug Spence
“break the ice and open social interaction by being humanly flawed, intentionally or unintentionally”
ideas can impact and change people’s lives”-Michael Hyatt (Platform)
“people end up loving the content I am embarrassed about” Andrew Warner
Ignorance removal
“Ever wonder why you get nervous around beautiful women or important bosses, it’s because all your thinking about is getting, not giving. Focus on giving and you will be cool as a cucumber, let the receiving become a byproduct of your generosity”
“Wealth is a byproduct of generosity”
“invisible costs! Time, Money, Health. When we do things that cost us time, Money or Health, the loss is difficult to see. We are blinded by the short term pleasure, and lose sight of the long term cost” – Doug Spence based on Predictably Irrational book. 
“You can use your mind to heal yourself, love yourself, keep integrity”  Predictably Irrational
“commitment is the decision to remove all other options” – Doug Spence
“When your desire is greater than your fear you can make your dreams happen” – Stephen Key
“Learn to love fear, listen to it, learn from it, and enjoy the feeling of being alive” – Doug
“fortune favors the bold” – Richard Branson
“he who learns from experience, he who learns from books, and he who learns from both”
“love thy enemy, especially if the enemy is within, that’s how you convert the enemy to a friend”-Doug Spence
“what you appreciate, appreciates!”
“Anything worth doing is worth doing lousy, If it isn’t worth doing, don’t do it at all, if you wait for perfection, you run the risk of not doing it at all, so do it lousy”. Al Ries
“Practice overcoming fear”
“You must do the thing you think you cannot do”
“You stretch today so that you feel better tomorrow”
“live life as an experiment”
“Cooperation is the highest form of selfishness” Richard Kock, Natural Laws of Business
“Success causes passion” – Scott Adams
“Cooperation is the most selfish thing you can do”
“Of good and bad, This too shall pass”
“Without ambition there is no doubt, it’s a natural part of the process” Doug Spence
“Almost everything is non-essential”
“No more Yes, Its Hell Yeah or No” -Derek Sivers
“Big things come from small things”
“Doing it now is more important than doing it right” Steve Chandler
“Desire is more important than circumstances” Steve Chandler
“Make life a game”
“Pain is self-created” Eckhart Tolle
“I have a stack of business cards of my failed businesses” – Interviewee on Mixergy
“my mind is calculating, replaying, projecting, I am observing my mind”-Doug