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My Predictions For 2015

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There will be ups and downs, comings and goings. Some things will change, and some will stay the same. You will feel good, bad, and everything in-between. People will be nice to, rude to you, help you, and ignore you. You will be cut-off in traffic, and you will be let in. You will meet new friends, and lose old ones. You will face fears, take on new challenges, make mistakes, and get things right too.  You will be misunderstood, and you will misunderstand, but you will also connect. You will grow, learn and change. By 2016 you will be a different person just as you have changed since 2014, twelve months ago. With every variation, bump and bruise, you will become tougher and smarter. You will be ready to take the bad with the good, and you will learn how to feel more of the latter. You will see that with every pain, loss, or insult, there is a gift to be found that you will unwrap within it.

Look back to 2014, find your regrets and learn from them,

Then find your Proud moments and actions, and do more of those.

2015 will be new, different, and exciting, mostly because you will be new, different and adventurous.

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